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Privacy policy

When you visit our website, your web browser will download HTTP cookies. These are small text files that are exchanged between your web browser and our website and are used to provide optimal website performance.

As an internet user, you can choose to decline storage and use of cookies. We recommend the website for a description of how to accept or decline cookies.

HTTPS and secure transfer

Our website uses HTTPS to transfer data securely through encryption. If you want to make sure that a page is encrypted, the URL in the browser’s address bar will start with “https” instead of just “http”, and most browsers will also show a padlock to indicate this.

The purpose of using encryption is to ensure secure data communication between the server (our website) and the client (your computer). HTTPS also makes use of a digital certificate to ensure that the website is genuine.


Information about search terms and selected search options will be used to develop and improve the website.

Statistics and logs

When you browse our website, information is stored in a statistics database. The information stored is related to which pages a visitor has viewed and contains no personal data. This information is then used to generate statistics on the number of page views per object (menu item, article, file), per host and per search term. All data in the raw data table are deleted after two days, and the remaining statistics then contain only summary data that cannot be used to identify individual users.

We use Google Analytics to save visitor data. IP addresses are not stored and it is not possible for us to link statistics to each visitor. The visitor statistics are only available to the web editors and IT department of our company.

We also store the user agent, IP address and what page a visitor has viewed in the web server’s log files. These log files are used exclusively for troubleshooting and security purposes, and no data are taken from these files or otherwise used. The log files are deleted at regular intervals (normally every four weeks). Only the administrators of the web server (operations) have access to them.